Thursday, January 24, 2008


Computers and biology

Genetics, computers, biology, pharmacy, evolution, development

This afternoon after a long time I came across article that I found interesting. I appeared in British Guardian Unlimited online and it is called “How supercomputers enhance our understanding of genes” .

This article describes how computers enable us to understand how our biological body functions. For this purpose scientists need extremely fast computers and they then may see how our body works in detail, which in turn enables pharmaceutical companies to test some of their products in virtual reality. It also may in future enable to see the differences between different bodies, different humans, and it may thus lead to a state of medicine where each human patient will receive medicine according to his own biological setup, including genetic and epigenetic setup.

I see this as remarkable way and direction for further development of medicine. The article is worth reading. I cannot anything else but recommend you to read it.

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