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HIERARCHICAL DNA supporting evidence

Already many times and a long time ago I wrote several post and articles about MLM, multi-level memory in DNA. MLM is borrowed from multilevel marketing term used in economics, adjusted for DNA and its hierarchical system of storing information, where information of different importance is stored at different levels of memory in DNA. These levels are defined by the importance of information, and by different chemical system of storing of information.

When searching for more and more detailed information on microsatellites and minisatellites in DNA I came across this file about Repetitive DNA and I was shocked as for the first time in several years this is the first text about DNA stating that DNA is built up hierarchically.

Human satellite DNA is prone to be multimeric or
hierarchical in structure. Human _ satellite DNA
(centromeric) is typically 171 bp long present as
dimers (342 bp) or up to 16’mers (2736 bp) as the
repeating units. Generally less length variation than
minisatellites or microsatellites.

In this sentence on page 3 of the document there it is absolutely explicitly stated that DNA is hierarchical in its structure. This is a huge evidence for me and my ideas about DNA storing information in a hierarchical way.

I just only hope to be able to find some more evidence supporting my view of DNA.

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